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Math Quiz was held in Arwachin International School on 16th January for classes VI to IX and XI to apply their mathematical and analytical skills in an interesting way. Every student participated in the competition and the finalists were selected on the basis of their merit. The finalists were:

?  BOSE HOUSE:–Aradhya Jain(VI),  Himaghn Gupta(VII), Shreya Choudhary(VIII), Rahul Raji(IX), Saumya Sharma (XI)
?  TILAK HOUSE:- Anuj Garg(VI), Md. Suhaib(VII), Aryansh Nigam(VIII),         Aditi (IX), Anant Jain(XI)
?  TAGORE HOUSE:- Kushagra Sharma(VI), Kairav Kishore(VII), Pranay Gupta(VIII), Shreyansh Halder(IX), Siddharth Garg(XI)
?  SHASTRI HOUSE:- Granth Maheshwari(VI), Archit Mittal(VII), Anshika Sharma(VIII), Krish Koundal(IX), Archita Porov(XI)

 There were three rounds in all:-

1.      Round one- Calculative Questions

2.     Round two- Visual Question

3.     Round three- Rapid Fire

The performances of the students were outstanding. After a lot of hard work, excitement and enjoyment,  Bose House and Tilak House won the competition with  205 points followed by Shastri House which scored 195 points. Tagore House secured the third position with 190 points .


    Interactive assembly on the theme ‘Zero Hunger’ was conducted by the students of class 5 C on 14th January, 2020. Zero hunger is the second sustainable development goal which pledges to end hunger and achieve food security. A short description on the same was given by a student followed by a G.K. quiz. Some students conveyed this zero hunger message to the audience through a Nukkad Natak followed by a video. Then at last a dance performance showcased how the lives of the people are affected by hunger. 

      Integration of Art with academics

      It is realized that disciplines pursued by students at all stages require critical thinking and problem solving abilities. Therefore when Art is integrated with education, it helps the child to apply art based enquiry, investigation, critical thinking and creativity for a deeper understanding of concepts.

      CBSE insists on bringing art squarely into the domain of the curriculum, infusing it in all the spheres of learning to make it experiential.

      For professional development of teachers, a workshop on “Integration of Art with Academics” was organized on 9th January, 2020 by Orient Blackswan publishers. The resource person was Ms. Namrata Pant. 

      It was a very interactive session to help teachers create the strongest arts integration foundation across grade levels and subject areas. This workshop demystified the practice of integration and demonstrated outcomes of integration practice for students. This would make classroom transactions joyful and creative and also promote appreciation of our rich art and cultural heritage.

      Hopefully teachers will go back to their classes and implement their knowledge and make teaching learning fun.

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