Flowers and nicely arranged gardens are always a feast to human eye. Nature is at its best with flowers blooming all around. Interschool garden festival was organized at The Cambridge School , Srinivaspuri on 30th January 2019 to celebrate this festivity of nature at this time of the year.

Three students of class IX along with the gardener of Arwachin International School participated in the competition. There were a total of 12 schools  and each school displayed a unique idea depicting the harmony between nature and man.

Students of our school worked on the theme ‘ZEN GARDEN’. It is basically a Japanese garden made of rocks ,stones  and plants . It is also considered the meditation garden, which helps in relieving stress.This makes it even more relevant in today’s world.

Students enthusiastically participated   in the event  and they learned a lot about plants and gardens . Overall It turned  out to be  a fruitful and enriching experience for the students  as well as for the teachers.


    On  January 29, 2019 class 1- C presented their Interactive Assembly. The theme of the assembly was “Farm animals”. The students were trained for the same by their class teacher. They showcased a play “Going to a farm” in which a father is taking his daughter Meena to a farm and telling her the importance and uses of farm animals. It was an informative play and children were sensitized about safety of animals.

     After that they danced on the song ‘Old Mcdonald had a farm’. All the students and teachers enjoyed the performances and appreciated the same.


      “A good story can imbibe the right values in the most impressionable age”

      Arwachin International School organized an event for an interaction with Grand Parents  to build healthy relationship.

      A story telling session was  conducted for our grandparent. Ms. Chadha (Grandmother of Priyasha Babbar) added grace to the occasion by her pleasant presence. On 28th January the grandmother narrated a story and gave the message not to be greedy.It was an interactive session which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students. Mrs. Nair graced the occasion with her presence. Our children really need to hear such stories from the grandparents so that they have an overview of our tradition and culture. The very purpose of the sessions is the involvement of grandparents as support system to our education system, that helps our tiny tots to remain rooted to their culture.


        Arwachin International School celebrated the 70th Republic Day of India on 25th January 2019 in the school premises. The programme started with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the honourable Director, Mr. Sharma, respected Principal Mrs. Nair and two eminent personalities, Wing Commander B. Jai Ganesh and Major Pankaj Pathak who were the honourable chief guests for the day. After the lighting of the lamp, the Arwachinians presented the high- spirited song Vande Mataram on stage which was followed by a speech and a Nukkad Natak emphasizing the significance of voting. The students then presented a dance drama, a patriotic Hindi poem, an instrumental medley and a fusion dance on patriotic songs. The performers stirred the audience and the guests with their zealous performances. After the tremendous performances of the students, the chief guests delivered invigorating speeches to the audience and sensitized the children about the real sense of patriotism. They quoted many patriots and responsible citizens of India such as Vikram Batra, APJ Abdul Kalam, Rabindranath Tagore, Neerja Bhanot etc. They emphasized the importance of being law-abiding citizens and thus celebrating patriotism throughout the year.

        The honourable Director of the school, Mr. Arun Sharma, motivated the students with his words of wisdom. He threw light on the significance of character- building of students in order to build a successful nation. This was followed by vote of thanks by the respected Principal of the school, Mrs Swapna Nair, who addressed the students on the importance of discipline in life and emphasized the fact that discipline should be self-motivated. In the end, she congratulated all the students for their wonderful performances and thanked the guests for their benign presence.

        The programme was concluded with the zestful singing of the national anthem by everyone present at the occasion.

          Inter-House Instrumental Music Competition (2018-19)

          “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life.”

                  It is an art form and cultural activity that benefits the children, teens, adults, middle- aged, and old-aged. Learning music takes extreme self-discipline and creativity. It is an easy outlet to release frustration and the burden on one’s shoulders. To hone the students’ minds towards rhythm, melodies and harmonies – the essential components of music, the Arwachinians are taught how to play different musical instruments.

          Inter House Instrumental Music Competition was held at Arwachin International School. This competition is an integral part of the school curriculum as they provide an opportunity to students explore their innate talents as well as to display their musical abilities.

          Students of classes VI to IX mesmerized the audience with their skilful play of various instruments like flute, Casio, guitar, Congo, Drum and tabla. The competition commenced with the solo performances from four different Houses – Shastri, Tilak, Tagore and Bose followed by the duet and group performances of the students. The esteemed judges on the event were Mrs Yogjyoti Rohatagi, Mrs Mathur and Mrs Arti Tyagi. All the participants of the competition garnered thunderous applause from the gathering.

          The result of the competition is as follows:

          Position/ Category





          Siddhant Aggarwal (Shastri)

          Bhanvi+Jashanpreet Singh (Tagore)



          Kartikeya (Tagore)

          Yashika+Aryansh (Tilak)



          Divyam (Tilak)

          Samiksha+Nandika (Bose)



          The school Principal Mrs Nair profusely complimented the performances of the students. She also imparted valuable knowledge about the Instrumental Music to the students. She congratulated the winning teams and appreciated the hard work put in by the students and teachers. 

            Interactive Assembly Classes 1-3

            The Indian Music Club Assembly of classes 1-3 was held on 21-Jan - 2019.The assembly started with a prayer.The anchor Delisha (3A) coordinated the assembly very well. A bengali song “Phoole Phoole” was presented by Tanvi Manglani of 3A. A group song “Tim tim neel gagan mein taarein” was presented well by the students of Indian Music Club .The assembly was concluded by singing the National Anthem.


              The students of class 5A presented an interactive assembly on 16/1/19 on the theme of the problem faced by the differently-abled children.

              Parents must believe in the value of educating children with special needs. Keeping this in mind, students of class 5A presented a small skit on a differently-abled child who was admitted in the school and excelled in her area of interest. The main objective of the assembly was to highlight that even children with the special needs have talents. They need a platform and opportunity to explore the plethora of their talent. The students concluded the assembly with a song “I am a champion” and foot tapping dance. The purpose of the whole assembly was to make their fellow friends aware that children who are differently-abled must be given support and have the right to explore the world.

              The assembly came to an end with the words of wisdom by Mrs. Grover that we should have empathy towards the special children.

                Founder’s Day Celebration

                “Everyone born into this transient world is destined to die, but the one who brings prosperity, progress and fame to the clan justifies his birth and his existence.”

                Arwachin International School celebrated its Founder’s Day on 15th January, 2019. It was the birth anniversary of our beloved founder Sri Sriniwas Sharma ji, now fondly known to the entire Arwachin as ‘Bauji’. The occasion commenced with the warm welcome of the Chief Guests, Mr. J. P. Sharma and Mr Chandra Pal Sharma, the Director Mr. Arun Sharma and the Principal Mrs. Nair, who graced the occasion by their benign presence.

                The programme started with the lighting of the lamp followed by a Bhajan ‘GURU BRAHMA’ in honour of Bauji. Our senior teacher Mrs.Alka Mishra and three former students of the school shared their memories and expressed their happiness and pride for being Arwachinians.

                   A melodious instrumental performance was presented by the students with the beats of the song ‘RUK JANA NAHI   KAHI HAR KE’, paying tribute to the vision and hard work put in by Bauji in his life to achieve his goal. An emotion filled classical dance was presented showing our honour, love and gratitude for Bauji. It was a mesmerizing performance that was highly appreciated by the audience.

                Our esteemed guests Mr.J.P Sharma and Mr.Chandra Pal Sharma  encouraged the students to learn everything that is good and to respect and regard their teachers as they are their real well-wishers. He also guided the teachers to touch every student’s heart to make teaching and learning process effective.They also  remarked ,” blessings of elders hold a lot of meaning in our life..They are probably most significant and valuable for us , as compared to all the other expensive things in life.”

                Our Director Mr.Arun Sharma appreciated the students’ performances and advised the students that they should never miss the opportunity to take blessings from elders. The programme was concluded with the valuable words of Mrs.Nair and singing of the National Anthem.


                  Workshop on Child Rights

                  A workshop on child rights was conducted in Arwachin International School on January 14, 2019. The resource person of the workshop was Ms. Mini Srivastava, who is recently pursuing PhD. in law and is working as an assistant professor at Amity University.

                  In the workshop she discussed about POCSO Act, 2012 (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences). She told the teachers that POCSO was established under UNCRC 1989. According to UNCRC each child has four fundamental rights:

                  ·        Right to Survival

                  ·        Right to Development

                  ·        Right to Protection

                  ·        Right to Participation

                  According to her a child is the most vulnerable element of the society and is exposed to many kind of offences, including sexual offences. She bifurcated sexual offences into two categories:

                  ·        Penetrative sexual offences

                  ·        Non- penetrative sexual offences

                  According to Indian Penal law, a ‘penetrative sexual offence’ is considered as a more heinous crime as compared to non- penetrative sexual offences and hence the punishment is also stricter in case of a penetrative sexual offence.

                  At last, she discussed that how a school teacher can ensure child safety at her personal level. A teacher needs to be always vigilant to ensure child safety.

                  The workshop served its purpose well and enlightened the teachers with the importance of child rights.


                    FIRE SAFETY MOCK DRILL

                    On 14th January, 2019, the students of 9th and 10th class were demonstrated how to use a fire extinguisher. The mock drill started with a discussion about all the possible reasons and sources of fire in the school and types of fire then students were introduced to three types of fire extinguisher i.e, A,B and C. This mock drill was a part of their disaster management training where they learning the practical aptitude of the same. This mock drill was a step towards fire safety. Student members of Disaster Management Committee explained the same to junior students and each class was given a demo individually. At the end of the mock drill, a few students used the fire extinguisher under the supervision of teacher members of Disaster Management Committee and other faculty members. 

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