Splash, splash everywhere

Puddles of water here and there.

The little ones of Pre-primary AIS Dilshad Garden, had a gala time as they decided to beat the heat with some splishing, splashing in the water. Bubbling with excitement and enthusiasm, in their colorful swimsuits, the children thoroughly enjoyed the Splash Pool Activity jumping in the water, splashing water at their friends and playing with floating toys. The only thing we could hear was splish, splash . We can beat the heat.

Put a splash here, put a splash there,

Put a splash over your ear; put a splash on your hair.

Put lots of splashes in the air, everywhere.

It’s a Splashy day!!!!

    Interactive Assembly (Class 4A)
    Festivals- Balaju Baisdhara  and  Halloween

    The students of class 4 A conducted the interactive assembly on May 16, 2019.

    “A festival is an event ordinarily celebrated by a community and centering on some characteristic aspect of that community and its religion and cultures.” The quote itself coveys the message of the assembly. Dance and song are powerful ways of telling in-  depth, about a culture and tradition. So, the students sang beautifully a Nepalese song and stomped their feet on Halloween dance.

    The above mentioned performances were also followed by the power point presentation   which was a cherry on the cake where students as well as the audience enjoyed a lot.

      Interactive Assembly Classes 5-7

      The Indian Music Interactive Assembly of classes 5-7 was held on 15-May-19.The assembly started with a prayer.The anchors Ansh Awasthi and Parth of class 7B coordinated the assembly very well. A ganpati vandana “Gaiye Ganpati”was presented by Vasu Goyal of 5A. Raag Bhupali “Hari sumiran kar”was presented by Ansh Awasthi of 7B and Medhavi Rai of 5C sang a bhajan“Hey govind hey gopal”very beautifully. Group songs “Zara chalo sambhal ke”, “Chhodo kal ki baatein”, “Rangi par udd aavi”, “Chhanar chhanar pairi baje”, “Vriksh laga lo”, “Wah shakti hamein do dayanidhe”  were presented well by the students.The assembly was concluded by singing the National Anthem.

        General  Assembly (Class 3B)
        Festival “Balaju Baisdhara”

        The students of class 3B conducted the morning assembly on 13th February, 2019 on  festival “Balaju Baisdhara”. They talked  about our neighbouring country Nepal and its famous festival Balaju Baisdhara which is also known as Full Moon festival . They shared the information about the festival that it is believed that taking a holy bath on this day purifies one spiritually and makes free of skin diseases. Thousands of devotees gather to take bath in water while taking bath they  shouts Balaju for their spiritual purification..It is a religious festival which is celebrated every year on the day   Chaitra Sukla Purnima.. At  the end students  recite the poem ‘A boy’ .


          Effective research, extensive analysis and great communication skills are few desirable qualities of a good debater. Promoting use and development of effective communication skills and personality development, Turn The Coat  Competition was organized at Arwachin International School on 10th May 2019. Students from classes 11&12 participated in it with full vigour and enthusiasm .

          The occasion was graced by the presence of our respected Principal Mrs.Nair. Mrs. Leeja Srigil, Mrs. Tanya Yohannan and Ms. Anunita Yadav  presided over the competition as judges. Students had been given the topic well in advance, which helped them in framing the arguments better. The topic for the competition was : ‘Should the children below the age of 18 be allowed to ride two- wheelers.’

          The following students participated in the competition representing different houses:

          1.      Parth Aggarwal (Tagore House)

          2.      2. Naman Singh (Tilak House)

          3.      Architaporov (Shastri House)

          4.      Samriddhi Jain (Bose House)

          Participants had showcased  exceptional caliber while speaking infavour and against the motion. Winners were decided on rubics like logical presentation ,argument formation,originality of expression etc.

          The  result of the competition is as follows:

          1.       Bose House bagged the first position.

          2.        Shastri House stood  secondposition.

          3.       Tagore House secured third position.

          4.       Tilak House stood fourth position.

          Finally the event concluded with the words of appreciation by Principal Mrs.Nair. She applauded the students who had excelled in class 10th and 12th CBSE Board exams. Shruti Kishore  of class 10 topped  East Delhi with  99.6% securing perfect 100 in Maths, Science, Sc.Science and Japanese. Shruti Rao secured 96.8% and topped in class XII. Certificates and medals were also given to the students those who have shown remarkable performance in co-curricular activities conducted by Time of India and Millennium India educational foundation.

            Card- Making Competition

            Arwachin International School organized the ‘Card- Making Competition’ on 9th May’19 for the classes 1-12 to enhance the creative skills of the students. The theme of the competition was ‘Seasonal Greetings’. The students used their power of imagination and created beautiful greetings.

            A variety of cutouts, patch work and craft techniques, learnt in the craft classes, were used by the students to give shape to their creativity. Lot of students used 3-D effects in the cards to make it more attractive. The teachers encouraged the students to use waste material to decorate their cards.

            Each student participated in the competition enthusiastically to make it a success.

            Results are awaited.


                           Classes IA, B and C participated in the fancy dress show. The theme was “Halloween” where they were asked to “trick or treat.” This activity was conducted as a part of ISA (International School Awards) presented by the British council.

              The tradition of Halloween started in the European countries during the ancient times when the last evening of summer was celebrated as the day when people lit fires and dressed as ghosts believing that this would ward off evil spirits.

               Almost all the students of class I participated in the show with enthusiasm. They dressed themselves as witches, skeletons, mummies, scary ghosts etc.

              Overall, it was a wonderful show, put up by the students along with the efforts of parents and teachers. 

                English Essay Writing Competition (2019-20)

                Arwachin International School conducted an Essay Writing Competition on 8th May 2019. Students of classes 6 to 12 participated in it. The objective of the competition was to encourage creative writing skills in students and to allow these young minds to think and write on the given topic

                Various topics like-Fun Time and Memories of your Home Town for class 6, An Invention that Transformed the World for class 7, Where There is a Will there is a Way for class 8, Rising Prices- Impact on the Common Man for class 9, An Invention I would Like to See in my Life for class 10, Benefits of Vegetarianism for class 11 and Time Management- A Key to Success for class 12 were chosen for the competition.

                The children demonstrated their writing skills as well as expressed their outlook on the given topic. This kind of competition brings out the ability to think quickly, write persuasively and present well connected ideas.

                Result Awaited.

                  Interactive Assembly (4B)

                  All the festivities around the world are the time of family reunion, celebration and fun. With this thought, the students of class-4b conducted the interactive assembly on 8th May, 2019 celebrating Chinese New Year and La Tomatina food festival. The class performed various dances showcasing the joy related to these festivals celebrated on the other end of the world.

                  The show started with the dance performance by the boys. It was followed by the girls who performed a dance on a Chinese song. The students used a heart as a prop in a very coordinated manner. Next was the traditional ‘Dragon Dance’ of China. The boys and the girls used Chinese fans and dragon mask in the dance. At last, the show ended with an energetic dance on a song based on ‘La Tomatina’. All the props used in the performances enabled the audience to understand the true essence of these festivals. Along with this, they were able to relate the Indian festivals with those celebrated in other countries.

                  The assembly was enjoyed by the participants and the audience as well.

                    CLASSES: IX-X
                    DATE: 7th May 2019

                    Debate is one of the best learning tools one could possibly have. No matter what profession one enters, he/she needs to acquire the skills for debating. Keeping this in mind, debate competitions are held in Arwachin International School every year to give the students the tools they need to be more successful. Debating helps the students to enhance their critical thinking skills and also improve their speaking skills and make them more confident.

                    This year the Annual Inter-house Debate Competition for classes IX-X was held on 7th May 2019 in the school auditorium. The motion for the debate was:

                    “Military Training should be made compulsory for all”.

                    The participants who spoke for the motion were:

                    Aarushi                                                     IXB                               TILAK HOUSE

                    Uttara Anandan                                         X B                               SHASTRI HOUSE

                    Shivangi Sharma                                       X A                               BOSE HOUSE

                    Prachi Garg                                               IX A                              TAGORE HOUSE

                    The participants who spoke against the motion were:

                    Arpita                                                     IXB                              TILAK HOUSE

                    Sneha Mishra                                          X C                               SHASTRI HOUSE

                    Kritika Dubey                                         IX C                              BOSE HOUSE

                    Bhanvi Bhutani                                      IX A                               TAGORE HOUSE

                    The debaters had put their best effort and convincingly expressed their views. They all answered the rebuttal questions with utter promptness and confidence.

                    The result of the competition is as follows:-

                    Shastri House was declared the winner with 80 points

                    Bose House bagged the second prize with 67.5 points                          

                    Tagore House stood third with 67 points

                    Tilak House stood fourth with 66 points.

                    Sneha Mishra of X-C was declared the Best Debater in the competition.

                      DEBATE COMPETITION 2019-20 (VI-VIII)

                      An Inter-House Debate Competition was held in Arwachin International School on 6th May 2019.The students of classes 6 to 8 participated in it. The competition provided a platform to the students to demonstrate their critical thinking and persuasion skills. The topic was ‘Festivals are more about money than about traditions’. The competition was adjudged by Ms. Kavita Mishra and Ms. Bhawana Kamboj.

                      All the four houses Tagore, Tilak, Bose and Shastri formed their team of two speakers each, one speaking for the motion and the other against the motion. The participants presented their thoughts vehemently on the issue and came up with their perspective regarding the same. They cited reasons and supported them with suitable examples from real life, to justify their stand.

                      The highlight of the event was rebuttal round. The questions were asked by the eminent judges and the audience from the debaters.  The judges declared Tilak house the winner with 84 points. Tagore house and Bose house bagged second position with 75 points each, Shastri house secured third position with 40.5 points. Paawani Parashar of Tilak House was declared the best debater. The presence of our honourable Principal Mrs. Swapna Nair enthralled and enthuse the participants.

                      The students of classes 6 to 8, who were an audience to the show, thoroughly enjoyed the event. The event came to end with the judges applauding the sincere effort of the participants.


                        Spellwell Competition
                        (Classes 1-5)

                        Arwachin International School organized English week in the month of May to celebrate the birthday of Rabindranath Tagore, the eminent writer, poet, playwright and great personality of all the times.

                        To gain a hold over any language, we need to focus on the four skills- listening, speaking, reading and writing. The focus of all the activities planned for the week was to enhance these skills in the students.

                        With this thought, the Spellwell Competition was organized on 3rd May, 2019 to enrich the vocabulary which is the most essential part of learning English.

                        The competition had four rounds. The first round was ‘Spell the Word’. It was followed by ‘Unjumble the Given Words’ and ‘Fill the Missing Letters’. Lastly, the ‘Rapid Fire’ round was conducted. Besides these, many words were asked to the audience to motivate and involve them in the show.


                        The participants were as followed:-








                        Manya Bansal


                        Navika Jain


                        Sreejita Roy





                        Vedansh Sharma


                        Vrushabh Nikhil Chauhan


                        Mahi Tyagi


                        Soham Sachdeva



                        Aradhya Jain


                        Daksh Kumar


                        Tanish Pal


                        Aditi Goyal



                        Anushka Garg


                        Shubh Khandelwal


                        Vedant Kumar


                        Anirvan Gupta



                        Sanyam Arora


                        Sanskriti Agrawal (5C)

                        Shobhit Kashyap


                        Aditi Garg



                        Bose House won the competition with 220 marks. Tilak House landed on second position with 210 marks. Followed by, Tagore House on the third position with 205 marks.


                        The event proved to be very encouraging and motivating for all the participants. 

                          Yellow Colour Day Celebration

                          A day dedicated to the yellow colour was celebrated in the school with children dressed in different hues and tints of yellow. They were   sparkling with   optimism, enlightenment and happiness . Beams of yellow shades carried the promise of a positive  future flashing creative thoughts in the young minds.. Children were not only beautifully dressed in their favourite  yellow colour outfits but also brought yellow objects to make it a complete “Yellow Day” .They brought different yellow colour toys such as yellow ring, car, pouch yellow hat and yellow fruits  such as bananas, mango etc.

                          Yellow-the colour of wisdom and intellectual energy had a positive influence on our tender tiny tots.

                            Debate Competition (IV & V)

                            A debate is an organized clash of ideas. A good debate is like playing a tennis match; each side follows the rules set down, bats the idea and smashes forth to defeat the other team.

                            Under the learned and visionary leadership of our Director Mr. Sharma, Arwachin International School places a lot of importance on developing the language proficiency and public speaking abilities of its students. The school students are always encouraged to participate in an In-house and other Oratory Competitions in order to challenge, test and hone their communication skills. On 2nd May, 2019 Arwachin International School, Dilshad Garden held an Inter House Debate Competition for the classes IV and V. The topic was ‘Festivals are a waste of money’. The competition was adjudged by Mrs. Grover, Mrs. Thanya and Ms Ginny.

                            The participants of all the houses spoke with lot of zeal and presented their unique, thought- provoking ideas. Also, they took active part in the ‘Rebuttal Round’ and answered all the questions with great confidence.

                            Following students represented their house:-

                            Bose House- Armaan Pathak (V A), Bhoomi Gaba (V A)

                            Tagore House – Sparsh (V C), Manvi Upadhyay (V A)

                            Shastri House- Ipshita Kanthwal (V C), Kanav Sharma (V A)    

                            Tilak House – Pradyuman (V A), Ansh Bansal (IV B)

                            The results declared were as follows:-

                            Tagore House was declared the winner with 110.5 points.

                            Bose House bagged second position with 103 points.

                            Tilak House secured third position with 98.5 points.

                            Manvi Upadhyay of Class V A was declared the best debater.

                            Finally, Mrs. Grover felicitated the students for their effort and applauded them.

                              Inter House Dance Competition (2019-20)

                              ‘Dance is the hidden language of the soul’.

                              Martha Graham

                              With the aim of honing the dancing skills of the students, an Inter House Dance Competition was organized on 1st May’19. This year Inter House Dance Competition was a part our school’s ISA (International School Award) activity. The theme of the activity was International dances.  The event was commenced with the singing of the prayer by the students. The judges : Mrs. Shuchi Mathur, Mrs. Yogjyoti Rohatgi, and Mr. Sagar were welcomed with a huge round of applause.

                              Through dance, our children learn to work in a group in perfect coordination. Arwachinians are real stars who shine on the stage when they start dancing. To give a perfect platform to the young learners to perform, an inter house Dance Competition is held every year. The students of classes 6-8 performed to the tunes of French Can Can dance, French Bouree dance, Japanese parasol dance and Japanese Fan dance. The audience were acquainted with the different dance styles, their features and hand and feet movements of these International dances. All the four houses gave their hundred percent.  The participants captured the attention of the audience. The audience as well as the panel of judges:  Mrs. Shuchi Mathur, Mrs. Yogjyoti Rohatgi, Mr. Dilip Sagar were fully engrossed in the programme. The result of the Competition is as follows:




                              Shastri House


                              Bose House


                               Tilak House

                              Our honourable Co-Ordinator, Mrs. Sangita Sharma congratulated all the participants for putting up such a beautiful show and declared the result. The event was concluded with the singing of the National Anthem.

                                SPELL WELL COMPETITION(6-12)
                                Date: 1st May 2019

                                The Spell Well Competition was held in Arwachin International School on 1st May 2019 to hone the spelling proficiency and pronunciation skills of the students. Every student participated in the competition and the finalists were selected on the basis of their merit. The finalists were:

                                BOSE HOUSE:– Shruti Sharma - VI, Himaghn Gupta - VII, Ananya Sharma - VIII, Parina Vohra - IX, Prabh Simar - X, Vanshika Arora-XI, Muskan Dhama - XII

                                TILAK HOUSE:- Om Kumar – VI, Aryan Mishra - VII, Ansh Kumar - VIII, Aarushi Aswal - IX, Keyur Sharma - X, Shivangi -XI,  Himanshi Sharma - XII

                                TAGORE HOUSE:- Kushagra Sharma - VI, Kartik Kaushik -VII, Shourya Thapa - VIII, Vedant Agarwal - IX, Palak Aggarwal- X, Divyanshi - XI, Gungun - XII

                                SHASTRI:- Granth Maheshwari- VI, Devesh Dev- VII, Lavanya Singh - VIII, Apoorva Mittal - IX, Asif Munshi- X, Ananya Mittal - XI, Manaswni Joshi - XII


                                There were four rounds in all:-

                                1.       Round one- Spell the Word

                                2.      Round two- Check your Vocabulary

                                3.      Round three- Rapid Fire

                                The performances of the students were astounding and it was difficult to guess the winning team’s name till the end. However, after a lot of hard work, excitement and enjoyment Bose House won the competition with 387 points followed by Tilak which scored 342 points. Shastri and Tagore secured the third and the fourth position with 292 and 276 points respectively.

                                  Red Colour Day Celebration

                                  Can we imagine the world without colours? Not at all!! Nature itself has many colours  which makes the world look beautiful. Colour  red signifies brightness, joy, love and happiness and that’s what was reflecting on the shining faces of L.K.G children. The tiny tots looked stunning in their red outfits. They were shown red colour objects such as red rose ,an apple, cherry etc. They also enjoyed red colour fruits in their snack time such as  watermelon, pomegranate etc. They enjoyed getting clicked in red colour  outfits  with  their friends. Through this activity they learnt about the colour ’Red’ and its beauty.

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