2019- 20

The U.K.G children of Arwachin International School participated in a FANCY DRESS COMPETITION on 12thJuly 2019. The children participated with great enthusiasm and fervour. The honourable judges were Ms. Natasha Sharma, Ms. Soma Das and Mrs. Bhawna Verma. The children came dressed up according to the theme given to them i.e. “BEST OUT OF WASTE”. They introduced themselves and also spoke a few sentences about what they represented. Watching the tiny –tots dressed up smartly was such a treat.

The judges applauded the participants and congratulated all the children for their effort.The prize distribution was done by the honourable principal Mrs.Nair. We are thankful for the parents support, encouragement and effort that was  put in.

 The results were as follows:

UKG A                           

            Harshita Mohta                                     I                               

            Paarth Jindal  and  Hisha Malhotra       II

            Anirudh S.                                            III                                  


             Saanvi Sharma                             I                         

             Inayat                                                    II

             Bani chawla and Vaishnavi Tiwari           III


             Reyansh Roy                                         I                             

             Prabhnoor Kaur                         II

             Arshika Nautiyal                                    III             

    Gandhi and Health @ 150

    Mission Shakti, a school based health awareness, knowledge testing and training initiative programme was conducted in Arwachin International School on 5th July’19.  Its main focus was to make the students aware of the Gandhian principles of health and hygiene. Dr. Rajni Kant (Scientist ‘G’ & Director, RMRC, Gorakhpur) , Dr. K. K. Ganguly (Scientist ‘F’) along with their team from ICMR, Mr. Kaushik Bose, Senior Director, from Global Health Strategies and Mrs. Romi Johri, Assistant Director of Education(PE&NI), graced the occasion with their presence. Dr.K. K. Ganguli briefed the gathering with the concept and content of the programme. He asked a few questions from the students to make the session interactive. Mr. Ansaar Ali motivated the students to take good care of their health by quoting some examples from Mahatma Gandhi Ji’s life and told how Gandhi ji never shun from his responsibilities. Dr. Rajnikant showed a detailed PPT on the life, ideologies and beliefs of Gandhi ji regarding cleanliness and hygiene which was really inspiring and motivating. Mr. Kaushik Bose and his team conducted a quiz based on the life history of Gandhi Ji and Health and hygiene. The students of AIS whole heartedly took part in the contest and exhibited their knowledge on Mahatma Gandhi’s Life and Health and Hygiene.

    Mrs. Romi Johri, Assistant Director of Education, appreciated the efforts of the school team members, especially Mrs. Sangita Sharma for making such good arrangements at a very short notice.

    Mr. Arun Sharma, Director, extended the vote of thanks and motivated everyone to be inspired from Gandhi ji’s ideologies. Overall it was a very informative and enlightening session.

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