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Our students excelled in the various ‘HINDI COMPETITIONS’ held at the zonal level.The following students are the achievers at zonal level:   

      Competition           students name                 Zonal Position            Group

Hindi Slogan


Ishan Vashisth                class X-A



Senior Boys


Hindi Debate

Rishabh Dandriyal 

Class X-A 



Senior Boys


Hindi Debate

Dev Chandna 

Class X-B 



Senior Boys


Hindi Declamation

 Arun Sharma






Hindi Essay Writing

Anshika Sharma







Hindi Slogan Writing

Poonji Sharma






Hindi Debate

Ananya Jain






Hindi Debate






    Conflict Resolution & Sustainable Development Goals


    On 23rd February 2019 a team from Ahlcon International School, Mayur Vihar came to our school to conduct a three hour (11:30 am to 2:30 pm) workshop on Conflict Resolution- Strengthening and motivating teams’ and ‘Sustainable Development Goals - how to integrate them into our curriculum’.


    The first half of the workshop was dedicated to training the present teachers on Conflict Resolution. The session was taken by Mrs. Anju Gupta who is heading the pre-primary and primary section in Ahlcon International School. She spoke in length about the major causes, repercussions and what changes we need to bring about in ourselves to be able to handle conflict better. She stressed how conflict is not bad as they help us to grown as human beings- so conflict is necessary. It was an interesting session as the trainer asked the teachers to enact conflict-ridden scenarios to drive her point home. 


    Mrs. Sunita Rajiv who is an assistant headmistress of pre-primary section took the second half of the session which was focused on Sustainable Development Goals. Ahlcon International School believes that it is a school with a SDG soul and started their journey with SDG’s in 2016; hence they are in a very good position to guide our school as we preparing to start ours. The session basically focused on how to successfully integrate the SDGs into our teaching and learning process and help the school embrace the idea wholeheartedly and to align our endeavors with SDGs.


    It was a very informative workshop, which our teachers will definitely benefit from in the long run. 

      Managing Behavior Problems in Adolescents

      Youth today love luxury, have bad manners, no respect for older people and talk nonsense when they should be working. This was what Shakespeare wrote about adolescents and youth in the 16th century.

      On February 22, 2019 Counsellor/Teacher-Counsellor were invited to the India International Education Conclave (IIEdC) on “Managing Behavior Problems in Adolescents – New Challenges” which was being organized by ICTRC at India International Centre. A star studded panel graced the discussion panel- the directors of ICTRC Prof. R. K. Saraswat, Dr. V S Ravindran and Mr. Keshav Singh, who are leading experts and have been working in the field of counseling for over 20 years. 


      The panel made it a point to make us all understand that it is not the adolescents who are at fault but the contemporary socio-cultural environment. Today’s adolescents are growing up in a rapidly changing social, cultural and educational environment. They are confronted with the new age of information, communication and entertainment. All these put tremendous pressure on adolescents. This is a crucial period when adolescents need proper guidance, support of caring adults and good role models. In the absence of these, adolescents become rebellious, aggressive, violent, and anti-social and indulge in all types of high-risk behaviors. Students spend whole of their adolescent period in school and therefore the task of bringing them up as mentally healthy individuals falls summarily upon the school. The objective of this conclave was to equip school counsellors/teacher-counsellors with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude for fulfilling this noble responsibility.

      The last part of the Convention was reserved for suggestions and feedback if any and the certificates were distributed the participants.  It was a very informative seminar where in the spokesperson covered all the basics related to Behavior Problems in Adolescents- from myth to recent researches being done in the field. It was a golden opportunity for all the school counsellors.

        21st FEBRUARY, 2019

        We are very proud to announce that Arwachinians once again excelled in HINDI SPEECH COMPETITION held on 20th February,2019 organized by the joint venture of Gandhi Hindustani Sahitya Sabha, Rajghat, Delhi and Gandhi Bhawan, Delhi University.The topic was based on ? Importance of Mother Tongue? .The enthusiastic students of our school participated in this competition at both  junior and senior level and received their certificates and cash prize on 21st February, 2019 in the Prize Distribution Function held at Gandhi Bhawan , Delhi University. Our students who bagged the awards are:


        STUDENT’S NAME   CLASS         GROUP                 EVENT              POSITION         CASH PRIZE        

        RISABH SENGAR      XI-D          SENIOR   HINDI SPEECH COMPETITION        2nd                 RS. 700


          Prize Distribution Ceremony  
          Inter-district Cultural Competition, Delhi

          We are very proud to announce that Arwachinians once again excelled in Inter-district Cultural Competition and received their certificates and cash prize on 19th Feb’, 2019 at Chhatrasal Stadium, Model Town, Delhi. Our students who bagged the awards are:

          Name                     Class                    Event                                             Position        Cash price

          Vibhuti Gupta         8A     Sanskrit Shloka Competition(Junior Girls)          1st           Rs 1000

          Prakriti                    7A     Poster Making Competition(Junior Girls)            1st         Rs 1000

          Sanskriti                 12D     English Essay Writing(Senior Girls)                   2nd        Rs 750

          Harshit Jain            8B        English Essay Writing(Junior Boys)                  2nd         Rs 750

            -A workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

             AI Master Trainers Workshop For School Educators was organised on 17.02.2019 at the constitution club, New Delhi which was attended by Mrs. Swapna Nair, Principal, Arwachin International School along with three teachers, Mrs. Sunita Suri, Mrs. Sangita Sharma and Mrs. Leeja Srigil. It was organized by the Centre for Education Development( CED Foundation) a renowned name in training and consultancy.

                           The theme for the workshop was ‘Challenges in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’. The workshop was led by Prof. Dr. Madan Mohan Pant, Former Pro-Vice Chancellor, IGNOU. According to Mr. Pant, over the last decades, the importance of computational thinking has been appreciated and now there is near universal agreement amongst futuristic thought leaders that the young must be empowered with Conceptual Thinking as an important constituent of their education.  The coming era is the era of smart machines and AI. Thus it is the need of time to design our education system accordingly. The need to do this in massive scale is to prepare the Indian Youth for the 4th industrial age driven by Artificial Intelligence.

                                    The workshop was very informative and provided a very good platform for educators to meet and share their views.

              JALSTA Japanese Language Workshop

              The Japanese language teachers of Arwachin International School, Mrs. Jain and Mrs. Kaur attended the Japanese language workshop organized by JALSTA (Japanese Language School Teacher’s Association) with the support of CBSE and The Japan Foundation, New Delhi. The workshop was conducted on February 16, 2019 at the Japan Foundation, New Delhi.

              The main objectives of the workshop were:

              Ø  To brush up the teachers’ Japanese Language Skills

              Ø  To teach Japanese Culture and methodologies to use prescribed text books effectively 

              Ø  To educate the new teachers and the teachers who just started teaching senior classes

              The forenoon session of the workshop started with presentations about Gundoku tips, followed by an introduction to Yurukyara based on PBL (Project Based Learning). Both the presentations were very useful in teaching as well as learning process. The teachers shared the importance of Japanese language, its simplicity and career options in the same, as well.

              In the afternoon session, Ms Yuiko Wakana, Language Advisor, Japan Foundation, New Delhi enlightened the teachers with ‘Polite Style of Spoken Japanese’. It was followed by Tea Ceremony (SADO) demonstration by the guests from Japan. The teachers also discussed about the guidelines for the board examinations.

              Last but not the least, the workshop concluded with a farewell to Ms. Yuiko Wakana, Japanese Language Advisor, Japan Foundation, New Delhi.

              The workshop was really wonderful and informative.

                Interactive session by DCPCR

                An interactive session was held on 8th February 2019 regarding the audit of Public Schools by Delhi Commission of Protection for Child Rights (DCPCR) at National Victor Public School, Mayur Vihar. The keynote speaker for the day was Mr. Anyrag Kundu, member, DCPCR. He interacted with the audience about the evaluation of schools.

                The audience was made aware of the primary things based on which the schools are evaluated, such as Safety, Teaching-learning process, Inclusive education, Teaching resources, Integration of EWS students, parents’ involvement, students’ attendance etc.

                It was also told that the schools can improve the governance by being aware and empowered. Evaluation of schools is done by DCPCR to celebrate the achievements of schools and work for improvement wherever needed.

                The session was attended by Mrs. Anindita Banerjee of Arwachin Intenational School. It was very informative and motivating.


                  The Times NIE organized an annual Newsmakers Meet 2018-19 on 6th February 2019 at Sri Sai Sathya International Centre, Lodhi Road to select The Times NIE Star Correspondents. The aim of the meet was to motivate and encourage the budding journalists. The chief guests of the event were: Mr. Ajay Sharma, former cricketer; Ms. Archana Gupta, a leading quizzer; Ms. Poonam Singh, National Editor of TOI and Mr. Puneet Jain, Head of R&D Times. Two students of our school, Anushriya and Shruti Kishore along with a teacher Mrs. Vijeta Sharma participated in the meet.

                  The annual meet was organized in two phases. The first phase was The Evaluation Exam which was based on the students’ general awareness level, writing style, creativity, quality of thought and ability to conceptualize and report. The second phase was The Press Conference which provided the students with a forum to voice their opinions and concern to the chief guests.

                  The chief guests recounted their own school days and shared some of their experiences. They encouraged the budding journalists to follow their passion whole heartedly and work hard to achieve their goals. They also appreciated the students for their participation in NIE. The event came to an end with the declaration of the names of the Star Correspondents.

                  The event was a great learning experience for the children. It provided them a platform to develop their wholesome personality.


                    A seminar on “Emerging trends in Safety on Roads” was held on 5th February 2019 at India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. It was organised by SIAM –Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers. It has undertaken a new initiative, christened Road Safety Week, with aim to usher in a new age of change. The Guests of Honour were:

                    Ms Neeti Sarkar, CEO & PD, NARTRiP, Govt. of India.

                    Mr. Taj Hassan, Special Commissioner of Traffic Police, Delhi Traffic Police.

                    Mr. Abhay Damle, Joint Secretary Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

                    Two teachers of Arwachin International School – Mr. Ishwar Thapa and Mrs. Rachna Kaur attended the seminar.

                    A technical session on Vehicular Safety Standards was conducted by Mr. K.K. Kapila, Chairman of IRF and CEO & Md , Intercontinental Consultants and Technocrat Pvt Ltd. A brainstorming session on Enforcement and Technology in bringing Society was moderated by Mr. Avik Chattopadhyay Co- Founder Expereal LLP. Another technical session on Auto components Safety Standards was conducted by Mr. Arun Lakshman, Consultant, Road Transport, Automative Skill Development Council. A Brainstorming session on Role of Inspection and Certification in bringing Safety on our roads was moderated by Mr. Prashant K. Banerjee, Executive Director (Technical), SIAM.

                    Various activities created awareness amongst the drivers and the students.

                    The session was concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. P.K. Banerjee.

                      STAFF PICNIC 2019

                      On 2nd February, 2019, the Director, the principal and the entire staff of Arwachin took time out for an excursion to the Surajgarh Farms. It is one of the most happening places close to our city. We set out for the picnic with songs on our lips and spring in our steps. The journey hardly seemed to have taken any time as we were there to see and enjoy it all.

                      Surajgarh Farms is situated in Gurugram. It is a famous picnic spot with wide array of activities. All the activities were well planned and spread out well. Adventure Zone area had many attractions--the best being zip line. Camel/tractor rides/ rural games, Burma Bridge,Tarzan swing , Beam Balancing were other big attractions. Spread out resting places--with Khaats & Murrahs were very comfortable and relaxing. All the teachers and other staff members actively participated in various activities and got themselves photographed in order to carry back memories. It was indeed a treat to get indulged in such activities.

                      DJ, Dance Floor, Mehandi, Kalbelia Dance were big attractions for all age groups. The biggest attraction was FOOD COURT including Breakfast, Lunch , Masala Tea, Popcorn and Makki-Bajra-Rajasthani food  station. The food served there was tasty and fresh. All the teachers and staff members relished the food and enjoyed it to the fullest. We all assembled in the lush green garden area of the Surajgarh Farms after the lunch for the Staff photograph. All the staff members bonded well and enjoyed to the fullest. The day ended with lots of fun.

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