Menstrual Health and Hygiene

On 9th August 2019, Friday our school partnered up with UniCharm India to conduct a workshop on ‘Menstrual Health and Hygiene’ for our female students from classes 6 to 9 in the Auditorium from 8 to 9 am.

To conduct the workshop we had with us Ms. Anuradha Gummaluri and Ms. Ankita Sukhwal, who have vast experience of going to different schools and spread awareness among girls’ regarding menstruation and hygiene related to periods. Arwachin International School strongly believes that spreading awareness among our student population will lead them to be more confident in life and will hugely impact the way they construct a self image for themselves.

The one & half hour session was very helpful for students, who enthusiastically participated and cleared doubts they had around the said topic. It was a very wonderful an informative workshop and a golden opportunity for our students especially for this age group.

    2019- 20

    The L.K.G children of Arwachin International School participated in a FANCY DRESS COMPETITION on 8th August 2019. The children participated with great enthusiasm and fervour. The honourable judges were Mrs. Malik, Mrs. Sachdeva and Mrs. Mehrotra. The children came dressed up according to the given themes i.e; LKG ASTER- Daily Utility, LKG BLUEBELL-States, and LKG CARNATION -Helpers. They introduced themselves and also spoke a few sentences about what they represented. Watching the tiny –tots dressed up smartly was such a treat.

    The judges applauded the participants and congratulated all the children for their effort.

    The results were as follows:

    LKG ASTER                  

     Yahvi                                                                  I                               

     Vivaan Birla,Stuti Sharma,Praruj Mahajan       II

      Manvik Rastogi                                                 III



     Nabaha                                                                  I                          

    Kavya Saxena                                                           II

    Arnav  Pathak                                                           III


    Eishen Harsh Vardhan                                     I                               

    Jasmeher Kaur                                                           II

    Hridayansh Jain                                              III     

      Score 95%+ in CBSE Board Exams

      On 8th August 2019, Thursday our school partnered up with Career Leaders to conduct a workshop on ‘How to score 95%+ in CBSE Board Exams’ for our students from class 12 in the Auditorium from 8 to 9 am.

      To conduct the workshop we had with us Mr. Vimal Gupta, an Educationist with vast experience of 12 years in Counseling and training K-12 segment students. Mr. Gupta is a well qualified professional from education industry with 12+ years experience in counselling and personality development. His domain of specialization is to give proper career guidance to every single kid interacting with him, so that they get results according to their “Aptitude, Personality and Interest.

      The one hour session was very helpful for students to plan and schedule the exams related strategies. Mr. Gupta told our students the trick behind preparing right schedule and how to start preparing for exams. He informed the students about what one should do before exams and during exams. He stressed on the importance of flash cards and exam writing skills.

      It was a very wonderful an informative workshop and a golden opportunity for our students especially since they will be appearing for their board exams in a few months time.

        Disaster Management Workshop

        On 7th August 2019, Wednesday, Arwachin International School partnered with KELVIN institute to conduct a ‘Disaster Management workshop’ for the students from classes 8 to 12.

        KELVIN institute is one of the prominent organizations in Delhi/NCR imparting quality training workshops targeted at improving our children’s life skills.

        It was a wonderful and engaging workshop that focused on providing the students with valuable information on the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ that one needs to know when caught up in an unavoidable disaster situation.

        We as a school believe in delivering specialized skills to our students keeping in mind the present day scenario of our society. The workshop was a noble attempt to fulfill our responsibility of keeping the students safe, healthy and prepared to face any situations they may come across. 

        It was a golden opportunity for the students and the staff as well. 


          Career in Law

          Career in Law

          On 5th August 2019, Monday our school partnered up with Career Leaders to conduct a ‘Career in Law workshop’ for our students from classes 11 & 12 in the third floor auditorium from 8 to 9 am.

          To conduct the workshop we had with us Advocate Karuna Sama (Criminal Law Expert) who is currently practicing in Delhi High Court as a lawyer. Mrs. Sama has enlightened the hopes of many students by providing Legal sessions in various schools/colleges/institutions in Delhi NCR. So far she has counseled many law aspirants pan India. Her students are placed in various top legal firms, LPOs and practicing in different courts in India. Her passion is to interact and aware young generation about various opportunities in the field of Law.

          In the one hour session in our school she spoke to our students about the scope of law in India and abroad. She also shed light on the changes in Legal industry and its opportunities. To aid our children in their journey after class 12, Mrs. Sama provided information on the best colleges in India and its selection processes. Our children were also given tips on how to prepare for top colleges and informed about the shift in trend from “Court rooms to Corporate Offices”.

          It was a very wonderful an informative workshop and a golden opportunity for our students especially those interested in the field of law.

            Katran Competition

            A best out of waste competition, Katran was organized on 2nd August in Arwachin International School by an organization named Pehel.It encouraged the students to create in a unique way much different from general stereotypical things. Classes 6 to 11 participated in the competition. Mr. Pradosh, a representative of  Pehel, encouraged and guided the students to make the artefacts  out of  simple waste material like newspaper and bottles. The students came up with very beautiful and amazing ideas and developed many beautiful artefacts. Children were given examples of different techniques of recycling in countries like:-China, Srilanka, Bhutan and India. Towards the end , the Principal, Mrs. Nair, graced the occasion and felicitated the winners and encouraged the students to participate in more such competitions and take a pledge to save Mother Earth. 


              As a new initiative to involve parents to be a part of school activities, the Home Science Club of Arwachin International School invited a parent Chef Mr. Siraj-Ul-Haq, as a guest to share his passion and skills of cooking with the students.

               He taught some aromatic recipes of fireless sandwich making, chat-papad rolls and biscuit sandwich with different ingredients to the students. The children enthusiastically prepared the recipes and shared with their friends. They also learned table etiquettes, ways of rolling napkins for decoration as a part of the activity. It enhanced their culinary skills with the motivation to cook healthy and hygienic food and spread smiles by sharing.

                Interactive Assembly Classes 1-4

                The Indian Music Interactive Assembly for classes 1-4 was held on 01-08-2019.The assembly started with a prayer.The anchors Delisha and Aanya Khurmi of 4A co-ordinated the assembly very well. Hansika of class 4C sang Ganpati Vandana very melodiously.A Bengali song “Phoole Phoole” was presented by Samahita of 2A. Soham of 2B sang a beautiful song “O ranjha”. Tanvi of 4A sang a song very beautifully “O Palan hare”. The students sang many group songs like “wah shakti hamein do dayanidhe”, “Aao tumhe chand pe le jayein”, “Hey share maa”and Alankars. The assembly was concluded by singing the National Anthem.

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